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World Handicap System
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Course Rating and Slope Rating

course rating


 What is Course Rating?

Course Rating is used to measure the playing difficulty of a golf course. It measures how many strokes a Scratch Golfer (a player who can play to a Course Handicap of zero on all rated golf courses) should take on any given course.

The rating does this by assessing two main types of challenges which, when combined, result in a common base from which to compare players’ abilities:

  • The playing length of the course
  • The obstacles that a player will encounter (e.g. size of green, hazards, etc.)

A second rating, the Bogey Rating, is the measure of playing difficulty of a golf course when played by a Bogey Golfer (a player who has a Course Handicap of approximately 20 for a male and 24 for a female).

Knowing the Course Rating and Bogey Rating allows the WHS to assess and rationalise the relationship between the two. From this, the difficulty of a course for all other levels of ability can be deduced.

All Course Ratings have been determined by highly trained teams, with all findings checked and verified prior to being published to ensure consistency and equity across England.

What is Slope Rating?

Slope Rating is the number which indicates the relative playing difficulty of a course for Bogey Golfers, compared to Scratch Golfers.
It is the difficulty comparison between a Bogey Golfer and a Scratch Golfer from the same set of tees.

(Bogey Rating - Course Rating) x Factor = Slope Rating

The use of Slope allows a player’s Handicap Index to be portable from course to course and country to country. It also enables acceptable scores from any rated golf course in the world to be submitted for a player’s handicap purposes.

The Slope Rating is a key component in calculating the number of strokes each player receives to play a particular golf course.

Each set of tees will have a Slope Rating value between 55 and 155. The higher the Slope Rating, the more additional strokes a Bogey Golfer will need to be able to play it. The lower the Slope Rating, the fewer strokes a Bogey Golfer will require.

113 is the Slope Rating value where all players play from their Handicap Index i.e. the course is as equally hard for both Scratch and Bogey players.

To enhance your understanding of Course and Slope rating please view the video below from England Golf:


What are the Course and Slope Ratings at Ulverston Golf Club?

Course and Slope Ratings are allocated by tee and by gender. The ratings at Ulverston are:

  • White Tee (Men) - Course Rating = 71.1, Slope Rating = 133
  • Yellow Tee (Men) - Course Rating = 69.7, Slope Rating = 129
  • Red Tee (Ladies) - Course Rating = 73.7, Slope Rating = 132
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